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Galord, AKA "The Red Guy" is the main villain of the first saga of the Ben 10 Ominihero comic series. He hunts aliens from across the Multiverse to use them as subjects to his experiments, in which he mixes DNA with his greatest creation, the Omnicells, capable of messing with the genetic code of such specimens and leaving them as irrational beasts, called the "Omnitants".


Galord is a scientist from an unknown species, who wears a black and red full-body armor, with a visor that stays closed to keep his face hidden. He also has a battle axe which he uses upon entering the battlefield.


Little is known about Galord, but he seems to not care about the people whose lives he takes in order to achieve his goals. He is very intelligent, and has a contingency plan for all of Ben's new set of aliens.

Powers and Abilities

As stated before, little is know of him, but he bears great strength and intelligence. He has a laboratory ship of his own, which stores hundreds of saucer-like battle drones.


Unknown. Probably scared of blades?


Prior to Ominihero:

Unknown. At some point before the heroes' journey, he started doing experiments with the DNA of different species, and also collected ten different aliens from across the multiverse.



  1. And Then There Were 10 Again
  2. Quicksand
  3. Double Trouble (Flashback)
  4. It's Cool in the Cold


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