Galileagorilla sapiens (Galilearilla)
General Information
Home World Galilea Prime
Body Dark Red Gimlinopithecus (Normal)
Long-horned, Dark Red Gimlinopithecus
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Gravity Manipulation
Superhuman Intelligance
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Enhancd Durability

Galileagorilla sapienses are a race of gorillas, which are the smartest beings in the Mobian dimension, in 3 or 5 galaxies.



Galilearillas are basically dark red Gimlinopithecuses.


Evolved Galilearillas have longer horns than their ancestors.

and Abilities

Galilearillas have been known for their ability to manipulate gravity at will, not much else. They are also known for their extremely advanced intellect. This resulted in the creation of the Florasapiens.

Notable Galilearillas


  • Gimlinopithecuses and Galileans inspired their creation.
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