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Rex as Galaxy Lord

A simple male Galaxy Lord.

Rex Forte's species, his race was a powerful and peaceful advanced race that were said to be around before time itself. Legends fortell of them being able to transfix through time and space, existing in a sort of limbo beyond reality. They are a naturally curious and intelligent species made of living energy that are able to send their conciousness from their body and assume an omnipresent state to gain knowledge. Unfortunately, the scientists of this race accidentally released a sort of virus which caused the race to begin to age rapidly. Eventually a chemical war broke out, and factions formed. Some eons later, only two remaining of the species remained. The hybrid Rex Forte and his half-sister T'vali. Each member of the species generally differs in color and appearance, however namely match their personalities in the matter of looks. For example: Rex's projections and eyes are a scarlet red, while his sister's were a soft teal-ish green.


  • Immortality
  • Omniscience
  • Flight
  • Generating Limitless Energy
  • Energy Projection
  • God-like Strength
  • God-like Speed
  • God-like Stamina


  • The Species name of Galaxy Lords is actually Galaxius Genesis Primodiac