Leo Galaxion


DNA Alterer

Number of Aliens:

10 (Leo 10)

12 (L10: Hyperspace)

26 (L10: Ultimates)

30 (L10: Galax-a-verse)

Created by:


Abbreiviated Name:

The Galatrix

First Appearance:

And Then There Was A Leo Part 1

It was first seen in And Then There Was A Leo Part 1. Leo got it as a shockwave altered his wristwatch.


  • The Galaxamatrix does not need to charge. But if used too much, it will glitch.
  • It can scan DNA. But when a new form is unlocked, that form will lock all other forms until used.
  • It adapts the aliens' clothing to the user's.
  • The creator confirmed that there is a Master Control.
  • The Galaxamatrix can glitch when used too much.
  • If the user is in an alien form and is hurt badly, the Galaxamatrix carries on the damage to the default form.
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