Gak is the Secondary Antagonist of Josh 15: Hero of the Universe, He is an Mutated Polymorph who is enhanced by Anahita and is his right hand man.


Gak is an humanoid red and black pile of goo, He possess an beaklike nose and possess an black anti gravity projector.


Gak is an extremely evil polymorph, who want nothing but destruction and chaos throughout the universe, he is willing to do anything to bring the universe to it's knees

Powers and Abilities

As an Polymorph, he have the basic abilities of his species, like able to regenerate, abelt to fit through any surface and shoot sticky or acidic slime from any part of his body, but thanks to Anahita's Intelligence he is enhanced, He is able to morph his hands into powerful weapons (blades, cannons, scythes, darts, etc) and able to manipulate the motion or weight to other beings (similar to gravattack but more powerful), he is able to control the target's weight so much that he can turn them into an complete paddle killing them.

Unlike his species, He is able to be mobile to other planets without the need of an anti gravity projector but it is only limited.


Like his species his anti gravity projector is his main weakness, any being who turn it off or mess it will make gak unable to move making him an complete paddle unable to move.

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