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General Information
Species Robot
Home World Robotia
Body Robot/Dog
Powers and Abilities
Abilities see Power section
First Appearance Invaderz

GIR is an alien in Ben 10: Backyard Adventures. It comes from the show Invader Zim. Credit for the sprite goes to Solo28. If it blows up, nothing happens to it. He also appears in Noah 10.


Robot form[]

As a robot, GIR has a little antennae at the top of his head. His head's shape is kind of like a mixture of an oval, a trapezoid, and an square. GIR has two eye sockets, and at the front of them are large green robotic eyes. It has a small neck. On it's stumick, in the middle is a little green box. It's completely grey and green.

Disguised as a puppy[]

As a puppy, it is completely green with a grey zipper going down the middle of it's stomach. It's eyes are huge, and have small pupils. It has dog ears that go up and then turn sideways. It's arms and feet are black, and are also stitched on. It's mouth hole is a black area with a sewed on pink tongue.


  • Laser eyes
  • Confusing people by being completely random
  • Self destruct-mode
  • Disguising as a puppy
  • Shooting piggy beams
  • If in a serious situation, becomes smarter and more pwoerfull, and its eyes turn red and stuff.


  • Water
  • Tacos
  • Stupidity (user becomes veerrryy dumb if using Gir, however, if GIR is in very serious mode, the user is smart.
  • Random addicting things


Ben 10: Backyard Adventures[]

  • Invaderz

Noah 10[]



...and then my master flew to the moon on a rocket of flamin' cheese! I like cheese!

–To Professor Paradox