The Global Extraterrestrial Investigation Taskforce is an organization in the series, Brandon 10.


Regular GEIT Agents have the appearance of any regular Human Being but in a green uniform and combat boots. Some officers would have a holster or a hat.

Alpha Squad Members would wear a red uniform and helmets.


In the 18/1900's, an alien sighting was called up by government officials when something that looked like a meteor crashed close to the Mexican Border. It remained in its crater for days and it was impossible to remove so the officers called in had built containment around the unknown entity. They also set up camp while they gathered more information on it. One day, the entity "activated" and an alien creature arrived shortly after. The alien had attacked the men at the campsite and was resistant to their attacks causing the men to retreat. The alien creature continued to come back to the camp site each day which lead to the men building better containment. The men then built a base around the containment in order to keep out "the creature and any unwanted guests". This base was the start of a system that would later develop into G.E.I.T.

Known Officers/Agents


  • Charlie Base (Mexico) (Disabled)
  • Bravo Base (Bellwood)


  • Standard Blasters


Ultimate Hero

Video Games



  • GEIT actually means Goat in Dutch.
    • This was apparently deliberate when Sarah points this out to Gates who claims it keeps being from knowing the truth about their operations.
  • The G.E.I.T. were inspired by U.N.I.T. from Doctor Who.


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