The true final enemy to appear, and the one wielding the most power potential.

Fuze is in fact a demonic spirit from a higher plane, bent on conquering all universes. He has the ability to absorb the life force of beings, their ,, revive the dead, and almost everything, him being nearly omnipotent. He absorbed the remaining traces of Chaos and the power of Diagon to conquer our universe. He created a gigantic beast, with a red soul jewel in the middle, containing the true form of fuze, and invulnerable to almost any attack.

The red Jewel was destroyed by Imad's Divine ray, and the spirit slaid and killed with the divine blade.

Fuze was at this state an omnipotent reality warper who rivals or even exceeds Ultimate Masquerade in terms of Power, and posseses Incredible omnipotence adaptability, making him more powerful than the silvery alien. But he was no match to the Divine knight form formed by Xadim, Zak, John, Ben and Imad.

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