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Flame 10
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date Flame 10: 7/12/12
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Flame and the 7 Aliens

Syponis (Flame 10)[]

Flame: Hello.

Paradox;Hello. Wanna see the future?

Flame: What is it like?

Paradox: It has ALOT of Omnitrix Wileders. Like alot. Some that found Omnitrixes in the summer and some are made my Galvan geniuses in the future.

Flame: Whoa. I so want to go there.

Paradox: Really?

Flame: Yeah. Duh.

Paradox: Take my hand.

Flame: Okay.

Paradox: Time Portal come out! (time portal comes out)

Flame: Wait can I bring some- (Paradox pushes him in the potal)

(Flame sees flying cars and people with omnitrixes.) Flame: Wow.

(Vilgax pops out of no where) Vilgax: Flame i thought I killed you 7 years ago.

Flame: So your gonna kill me..?


Flame: (transformes into Fourarms)

Fourarms: Time to be defeated!

(Suddenly random kids with Omnitrixes start transforming)


A Unknown named Fast Webbed Feet Alien: I never thought you' would be back.

CannonBolt: UGh! Your such a pain Vilgax!

Fourarms: Wow this is happening real fast I don't like it.

Feedback: Well deal with it.

BenVictor: Prepare to die.

(Eveyone except Flame hit Vilgax)

Fourarms:... They just knocked him off a cliff.....that's dark. Even I would just let him survive.

(A mysterious man comes u pto Flame)

MMan: Who are you? Your pretty weak.

Flame: I'm Flame and also shut up.

Ben: I'm Ben Tenyson. So you time traveled eh?

Flame: I don't belive it! I'm on a mision to kill you.

Ben:Hmph. Your the spoiled kid I use to remember 7 years ago.


(Flame transformes into WayBig)

(Ben transformes into Ultimate WayBig)

Ult.WayBig: You impressed?

Flame; How did you do that?

Ben:Advanced watch.

Flame: Azmuth gave me mine. its a Ultimatrix.


Flame: What's over there?

Ben:You shouldn't go there it would make the future look strange and weird.

Flame Oh ok. Bye!

Paradox: How did you enjoy it?

Flame:Not bad i'm still mad about those Omnitrix Wielders.

Paradox: They Had a C a N a F and a Z.



Ben (Future)Tennyson

Flame Tennyson (Present)


A hero with a C in there name

A hero with a N in there name

A hero with a F in there name

A hero with a Z in there name

Aliens used by A hero with a C in there name[]

SpeedGate Aka A Unknown named Fast Webbed Feet Alien

Aliens used by A hero with a N in there name[]



Aliens used by A hero with a F in there name[]


Aliens used by a hero with a Z in there name[]


Aliens used by Flame[]



Aliens used by Ben[]


Ultiamte Waybig