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Future 10 is a series by Maximus Loo2012


Ben is now truly Ben 10,000 when Azmuth decides to give him the Technica, a new technological device that can transform into Tech Forms which are his normal aliens with technological capabilities, although tech aliens like Upgrade do not have Tech Forms.


Episode Number Episode Name Episode Summary
1 To The Future and Beyond Introducing 18 year old Ben 10,000, who is fresh with a brand new Trix, named the Technica, with Master Control.
2 Animo Returns Dr. James Animo returns with more evil plans, this time more vile and cruel than his other attempts, after his multiple failures with Ben
3 Fresh from College On Gwen's graduation from Ivy League College, a group of alien villains attack the students, turning them into their own kind.
4 On Ice: Part 1 An army of rogue Necrofriggians attack Earth and freeze it while Ben is on a visit to Galvan Mark II.
5 On Ice: Part 2 With the planet frozen, people starve. With only a few hours before the planet's resources get used up, Ben and Gwen must defeat the Necrofriggians, who have become Earth's dictatots.
6 Forever to be Knights The Forever Knights have returned to destroy Ben with even more technology, led once again by Enoch
7 Knightly Revenge The Forever Knights turn up in full force at Ben's house to take their revenge
8 Infinite Enoch duels with Ben.
9 Vilgax's Return Vilgax escapes from a prison in the middle of a star.
10 Battle of the Century Vilgax and Ben battle once again, with the attendance of an uninvited guest.