Futoko Hi Daikoku was a normal seventeen year-old boy until he was selected by the Speciatrix, given the power to turn into 12 dufferent alien species each with unique abilities and bevame a hero. He is the main protagonist of Futoko 12


Futoko has black hair neatly swept to the side, has brown eyes, has a somewhat average but athletic build and is of asian decent.

In his normal clothing state he usually wears a red medium-sleeve shirt with the number 12 on its torso, teal jeans and red and white sneakers. The Speciatrix is located on his right arm as he is left-handed.

In his lockdown clothing state he wears a long-sleeved version of his normal shirt, a black scarf, yellow lensed sunglasses grey gloves and still wears his teal jeans and red and white sneakers. He also carries around hand sanitizer attached to his jeans.


Though his personality will probably change, some things usually stay the same such as him being heroic and staying calm in situations he probably shouldn't be. Though he may have anger issues when it comes to douchebags.


At some point he got born.

One day while walking home after a day at college, he was chosen by the Speciatrix and transformed into Chloroform for the first time.

Powers and Abilities

Knows fighting stuff.

Can change into numerous aliens via Speciatrix.

Is kinda smert.


He's a human so thats a thing. Especially when he detransforms.

If he transforms into an alien he also gains their weaknesses on top if their powers.


Every episode of Futoko 12.


  • He's Pansexual, deal with it
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