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Fusiontrix MK II
FusionTrix Orignal
General Information
User Ben 10,000
Type DNA Alteration Device

The Fusiontrix MK II, often referred to as the FTM-2 used by Ben 10,000 in Ben 10,000: Hero Evolution


The FusionTrix Mk II has 2 modes (See gallery below).

The FusionTrix MK II looks like the orignal omnitrix, but all the omnitrix buttons are white and Omnitrix Symbol is white instead of Green, and the background is Black instead of Grey. In battle mode, the only difference is that the Omnitrix symbol is midnight-red instead of white.


  • Active Mode: Fully Charged. No Restrictions
  • Battle Mode: The Faceplate flips, so the Holographic interface shows all the weapon modes, instead of the aliens.



  • Has a direct connection to the codon stream.
  • Has a non-holographic interface, instead black/white silhouette on the white/midnight red Omnitrix symbol.
  • It changes the user clothing to fit the alien's personalty.
  • There is a Master Control. When activated, The FusionTrix Dial will lift up and the casing of the core will grow fatter.
  • 90% of the time, if it malfunctions it is ben's fault. It can malfunction by it's self because of interferance


  • Has a direct connection to the W-codon stream.
  • Can use several different Plumber weapons
  • It can't malfunction
  • Only accessable by activating MC (Master Control)

Plumber Weapon Blasts/Equipper

  • Null Void Projector
  • Tackeon Cannon
  • Cork Modulator
  • Vilgax DNA detonator
  • Level 5 Laser Lance
  • ProtoTech Equiper


  • ​AmpBlast
  • BrainGrade
  • BuzzDrillo
  • ChromaBolt
  • EyeRay
  • GravaBuild
  • GreyBig
  • GreyWare
  • HeatTrack
  • LodeRG
  • TerraHazard
  • Ultimate CannonSaur
  • Ultimate EchoG
  • Ultimate GoopFire
  • ​Ultimate SpiderArms
  • Ultimate VineSwamp
  • Ultimate WildSaur
  • Ultimate X
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