The ultimate Matrix.

First appeared in:

Fusion Evolutions!

Evovled from:



Can transform into Nanos from FusionFall and those transform into Fusions from FusionFall


Active mode

The default mode for the which means it can be used and that it has recharged. Actual usage time is unknown (between ten and twenty minutes, most commonly ten) and can time out at inopportune moments. Seems to time out faster the more it's taxed by activities such as fighting. However if regular time is tampered with, Gumball can't turn back. (Ditto, for example, isn't allowed to revert, or let Gumball transform multiple times.) After the Omnitrix was recalibrated, the symbols on the aliens were also this color, and located on their chests.In this mode Gumball can go alien.

RE Mode

Because the Omnitrix doesn't actually need energy to function, it could be that the fail-safe built into the device comes with a "wait time" that is just as unpredictable as the time that the Omnitrix remains active. Hence, the "recharge" could be a misconception on Ben's part. This has yet to be confirmed though. The Omnitrix has, on occasion, instantly recharged to protect its user from direct physical threat. This was shown when Ben was stuck to a wall about to be killed by Kevin 11 and then when Ghostfreak, who'd escaped the Omnitrix at the time, tried to possess Ben. Both times, despite just timing out moments earlier, the Omnitrix recharges instantly when Ben's life is put in direct threat.

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