The Furymatrix is a device in the series Blaze 10. It allows the wielder to have the abilities of the alien that he dials in. It isn't attachable to the arm. It is placed on Blaze's chest.


Alien Abilities in the Furymatrix

  • Necrofriggian - Freezing vapor, Intangibility, Invisiblity
  • Chronian - Time Rays - Time Travel
  • Cerebrocrustacean - Eletrokinesis, Supreme Intellect, Force Fields, Accent
  • Sonorosian - Sonic Screams, Self Duplication
  • Anodite - Mana Manipulation
  • Geochelone Aerio - Wind Blasts, Flight
  • Talpaedan - Digging, Super Strength, Enhanced Durability
  • Kineceleran - Superspeed
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