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Furlock with minor mana-burns
(arm primarily, minor forehead burns)
General Information
Species Alpha Lytra
Home Planet Lutra
Body Humanoid Otter
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Limited Hydromancy
Mana Manipulation
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Swimming
Weaknesses Mana-burning
Alternate Counterparts Magigoose (Earth-1799.A)
Appears in The Alan 10 Adventures

Furlock is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Alpha Lytra from the planet Lutra. In many ways he is an evolved version of Faucet, however he is treated as a regular alien.

He is a free use alien.


Furlock greatly resembles Faucet. He is a tall humanoid otter with a thin frame. He has four fingers on each hand and the Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

Whenever he is using his mana powers, the area the mana appears to be generated from becomes a dark black with pink energy scars. A similar effect happens on his forehead, revealing a third eye.

Power and Abilities

Furlock retains Faucet's capacity for hydrokinesis albeit with less direct skill. In its place, Furlock can control the flow of mana. With the right knowledge, he can do whatever that implies though with less power than, say, an Anodite form. Furlock's speciality with mana is to extend his influence into the elements around him, allowing him to manipulate the world for offensive capabilities. This grants him many environment-based powers, such as:

  • More advanced hydrokinetic techniques
  • The ability to move and warp non-water materials
  • The ability to assimilate the properties of touched materials (unlike with Kevin, this does not change his appearance to that of the material)
  • etc.

Even without his magic abilities, Furlock possesses enhanced strength.

His fur is perfect for swimming, which can be improved further with his waterbending.


Fully mana-burnt Furlock

The more of his power that Furlock uses, the more of his body that becomes 'mana-burnt'. Affected parts of the body sting constantly and feel sore. Affected body parts return to normal after a few seconds/minutes without use, depending on how heavily burnt they are.



Furlock is a free use alien, feel free to use him in your own series.


  • Furlock was originally named Magigoose. The new name was suggested by Omi.
    • In The Alan 10 Adventures, Furlock retains the name Magigoose, and his species and planet also have different names.
  • Furlock's mana-burning was added later to go along with unreleased artwork from when the alien was originally designed.
  • Furlock's mana-burning scars are based on the MLP fan art "I'm Wretched but I'm Powerful" by NCMares.
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