The Fuoconoes are a species from the planet Attirareii, and are Magmetic's species.


Fuoconoes are large, humanoid, rocky creatures. They have several volcano-like structures on their bodies, usually on their shoulders, heads, and backs. They tend to have black markings on their bodies, and are usually seen in warmer colors.


  • Fuoconoes are capable of creating, manipulating, and controlling lava, smoke, heat, and rocks.
  • Fuoconoes have magnetic powers.
  • Fuoconoes have enhanced strength and durability.


  • A Fuocono's heavy body makes it slow, and susceptible to sinking of it falls into water. It also takes more power for a Fuocono to use its lava if under the water.

Notable Fuoconoes

  • Magmetic (The Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Fuocono)
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