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The Multifunction Transformation Matrix, or FunTrix, is a special device built by Nikolank Franwatts and wielded by Ben Radios, that allows him to transform into numerous alien lifeforms and is uniquely powered by the magical energy known as Mana.


The FunTrix resembles a black smartwatch. It has tubing around the edge of the wristband filled with glowing pink mana ending with pink edges of the warchface. The watch face consists of a pink hourglass shape with pink buttons on either side.


The device was illegally built by Nikolank Franwatts on Anur Transyl in secret prior to the series, before finally being complete at the beginning of the first episode, where it was sent away as Nikolank was arrested.

Later than night, on Earth, the FunTrix entered Ben Radios' dream and chose him as its weilder and bonded with his wrist. The next day Ben used it to transform into Mole-Stache and Ditto for the first time.

A few days later he used it to transform into Jetray and flew to America where he then used it to transform into Eye Guy and Lodestar to defeat Dr. Veggietose.


So far the only feature shown is the devices ability to transform Ben into aliens.


So far only 2 modes have been shown

  • Active Mode
  • Alien Selection Mode

Known Aliens



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