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Fumusapiens are a species from the planet Ignisque Nidore, and are Smoke Stack's species.


Fumusapiens are large, smoke stack looking aliens with cylindrical legs and disproportionate arms. Their faces reside near the top of their torsos, and they have smoke coming from the very top.


  • Fumusapiens are capable of creating smoke, steam, and fire come from the top of their heads.
  • Fumusapiens can generate heat from any and all parts of their bodies.
  • Fumusapiens have a limited ferrokinetic power, letting them alter the physical state of metal.
  • Fumusapiens are immune to smoke.
  • Fumusapiens have enhanced strength and durability.


  • Being metal, and also not having enough power to counteract them, Fumusapiens can be susceptible to magnetic opponents.
  • Opponents immune to smoke or fire, or those who can manipulate smoke in some way, stand a better chance against Fumusapiens.
  • Fumusapiens are rather slow.

Notable Fumusapiens

  • Smoke Stack (The Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Fumusapien)
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