General Information
Home World Staema IX
Body Bipedal Mud Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fire breath
Lava manipulation
Enhanced durability
Enhanced Flexibility
Temperature Control
Fire immunity
Lava immunity
First Appearance And Then There Was G

Fuacciosapiens are a race of humanoid mud creatures from the planet Staema IX.


Fuacciosapiens are tall humanoids that appear to be made of dark mud. From the top of their heads comes an open pipe that expels fumes.

Their eyes and mouth are slits in the mud to reveal hot lava on the inside of them. The mud around them is a molten shell that is just as hot as the lava inside of them.


Fuacciosapiens live on the sixth of 9 unstable volcanic planets in the Fumar System. In the past few million years they have existed, they have moved planets five times.

On each new planet they dub it Staema followed by a roman numeral, and as of now, have inhabited Staema IX, the final planet in the solar system.

Although it may be hundreds of years from now, the Fuacciosapiens continue to prepare for their eventual departure from their home planet after it becomes too unstable.

Most of their society revolves around preparing for their migration, but are an otherwise peaceful civilization that live among the volcanoes of Staema's I-IX.

Powers and Abilities

Fuacciosapiens have enhanced flexibility and can use their molten mud shell to stretch their arms or head to grab or observe things from afar.

Their surface temperature is also extremely hot, and getting touched by it directly will result in a bad burn. In addition, they can expel the lava that exists inside their shell from their eyes and mouth as projectiles or to create some sort of form that they can mend to his will until it cools off.


Fuacciosapiens are weak to things that can cool them off like water or ice. If their surface temperature is lowered far enough their molten shell could harden, causing them to become immobile.

Although they can survive in intense heats, there is a limit to what they can sustain.

Known Fuacciosapiens


"Fuoca" is the Italian word for Fire, as well as "accio" which is the Italian word for steel, combined with "sapien" meaning sapient.


  • The Fuacciosapiens were created to have G's first alien be of the fire attribute to match the trend that Ben's first alien with a new Omnitrix is always that of a fire alien.
    • Heatblast (Original)
    • Swampfire (Recalibrated)
    • Ultimate Swampfire (Ultimatrix)
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