"If I combine this wire with the opposite color version of its counterpart. I believe I might got this right. Just need to focus and don't let it explode. THERE!!! I DID IT!!! I FIX THE SMOOTHIE!!!" -Frogstein

Alex's Galvan form.


Shares the same appearance as Grey Matter.

A frog-like alien species with the same size as a regular Earth frog.


Shares the same personality as Alex

Smart. Crazy. Wisecracking. Egotistical. Nerdy.

He has his own personality for being a highly intelligent being. He talks like a scientist with advance vocabulary


Enhanced Intelligence




Durability Soft Body.

Coding Vision

Water Breathing

Wall Crawling

Accelerated Calculations

Sharp Teeth

Fitting in Small Spaces


Being small isn't fun. When stepped on. Or being eaten. Or being grabbed. Or being flicked or thrown. Or being blown away by strong wind.

He's not that strong.

Not immune to fire.


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Frogstein is a mix name of Frog and Stein. Also can be pronounced as Frog Einstein.

A frog is a amphibian species that has a long sticky tongue that catches bugs. It is born from being a tadpole, a fish like baby frog, that soon grows limbs and lose its tail, and it turns into a frog.

The word Stein and Einstein is based off of Albert Einstein. A well known famous that invented the MCsquare, came up of theories of parallel worlds/universes/dimensions and the creator of the the nuclear atomic bomb.


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From AL 12 Reboot (Ben 10 Reboot Fan Show).

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