Frisbit is the Hidden Universe's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.


The Omnitrix symbol is on the center of his frisbee-like device.

Powers and Abilities

In the announcement for the alien, it was said that he had technological expertise and that he was a "general source of intelligence," possibly hinting at a degree of enhanced intelligence comparable to Blukic and Driba.


Many parts of Frisbit's body are fragile, with his eyes being the most fragile part of them all. If one eye is destroyed or infected, the other eye may be lost in the process.

Frisbit's frisbee, while a great strength, is also his most prominent weakness. Destruction of the frisbee forces Frisbit back to his normal form, as the frisbee comprises a great deal of Frisbit's personality, control, and energy.

Back in Action: Alien Universe


Back in Action: Alien Universe


  • Frisbit's uniform bears no resemblance to Ben's own.
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