Brandon 10 - Museum

The Mutanter's Museum

Fright at the Museum is the 2nd episode of Brandon 10


Now knowing more about his device, Brandon 10 visits a museum to find something to do not knowing that a crazed villain was sneaking through the back. Getting bored, Brandon naps on the bench as the Mutanter passes by with heavy equipment. After threatening a few people to move out of the way, Brandon decides to check it out. Feeling threatened, the Mutanted mutants a fly and the Mutant fly attack Brandon. He then transforms into Wildmutt and shreds through the stinky goo and goes after him but times out and trips. The Mutanter gains an army of mutants and heads for the main room of the museum. Brandon turns into XLR8 to shred pass by some Mutant Plants. When Brandon reaches Mutanter, he created a dinosaur, gorilla, and man (mutanter) hybrid in order to gain enough power to attack Brandon and rule the world. Brandon turns into Four Arms to defeat him but fails. However using the fly mutant, Four Arms trapped the Mutanter and manged to shut his machine down and returned him back to normal and he was later sent to jail while Brandon then realizes that he should just go to play video games.

Aliens Used

  • Wildmutt
  • XLR8
  • Fourarms


  • The Mutanter
  • Mutant Fly
  • Mutant Plants
  • Mutanted Mutanter


  • The Title is similar to Night at the Museum
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