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Fright Height
Fright Height
General Information
Species Rudiculus
Home World Acidum Mundi
Body Goblin Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Thgieh Thgirf (Gim)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Retractable Wings
Acid Projection
Nightmare Inducement
Infra-Red Vision
Alien Number 2
First Appearance How It All Started (Mig X)
Starman (Project Deca)

Fright Height is the Gammatrix's DNA sample of a Rudiculus from an Acidum Mundi.

He is introduced in the series Mig X, and later appears in the series Project Deca.


Fright Height has the appearance of a goblin. His body is a mix of orange and black; the majority of his skin is orange, save for two bands around his wrists, a stripe going down the middle of his face and chest, torn shorts going to his knees, and bands around his ankles being black. He has a set of withered wings connecting to his arms and his back, which are also orange. He has pointed ears and five clawed fingers; he also has two clawed toes.

The Gammatrix symbol is located on his forehead.

Powers & Abilities

Abilities Shown

Fright Height's powers include the following:

  • Flight
  • Retractable Wings
  • Acid Projection
    • Primarily from his mouth, the acid is built up inside of him. He has an extra organ that creates the acid and it doesn't interfere with his bodily functions.
  • Nightmare Imprisonment
    • Due to the nature of him being that of a goblin, Fright Height can trap his foes in realistic nightmares with his gaze.
  • Invisibility
    • Fright Height can use his wings as a means to activate a special feature in his skin that turns him invisible.
  • Infra-Red Vision




Mig X

By Mig

By Gim

Project Deca



  • The species, Rudiculus (Latin) - grotesque
  • The home world, Acidum Mundi (Latin) - acid world


  • ZeVikingSif came up with the idea of Fright Height, excluding the name.
  • CaT created the image seen above.
  • Due to The Gamma Awakening being canned prior to release, Fright Height's scrapped abilities, nightmare inducement and invisibility, were never showcased.
    • Thank GOD for CaT, these abilities are utilized in the Project Deca episode What CaT Dragged In.


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