Brandonn - Robber Boss
Frienmies is the 8th episode of the show, Brandon 10


While reading a comic on a bench, Brandon 10 witnesses a robbery at a store. Attempting to stop the robbers, Brandon transforms into Diamondhead to bring them to justice. Unforantly the robbers, high tech equipment beats Diamondhead and robbers get away however they are afraid except for the boss. When entcountering the Conqueror and his droids, the robber attacks him and suffers. The Boss Robber is trapped and about to get killed when the Conqueror decides to make a deal with the boss; if they retrive the power to him s/he will be rewarded but if failed s/he will die. The robber is then given droid armor and droid alleys. Meanwhile a fire breaks out at a moble home, Wildpup is seen draging the people outside until the fire department arrives. Before firefighters reach the fire, The Robber appears and attacks Wildpup. Since Wildpup isn't the strongest, he is defeated. But before killed by droids to retrive the power, Firefighters come and scare off the crook and his alleys as they do not want to be intrupted. As the boss returns to her/his boss, the Conqueror is furious and sentences her/him to death but before killed s/he begs to try again as it was easy when they weren't intrupted. The Conqueror gives her/him another chance and sent with bigger droids. When found, Brandon 10 was tired of her/him and transforms into Freezefire. After learning more about the theft's attacks, Freezefire manges to destory the droids and defeat her/him. However Freezefire sents her/him to jail. As the Conqueror was egree to kill her/him, he decided to plan his revenge of what he thinks is a pro.


  • Brandon 10

Aliens Used

  • Diamondhead
  • Wildpup
  • Freezefire


  • The Conqueror
  • Thefts
  • Theft Boss
  • Droids
  • Large Droids


  • This is similar to the alliance from Ben 10
  • The Title is called Frienmies although Brandon isn't friends with the robbers. This based on the Conqueror's friendship with the robber Boss and how they are both the emnies of Brandon
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