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Brandon 10 (Reboot)
Season 1, Episode 8
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Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Frienemies is the 8th episode of the rebooted series, Brandon 10.


At a park across the street from a line of stores, Brandon is sitting on a wooden bench reading a comic book with enjoyment.

Brandon, trying to pull off a narration voice, reading: Meanwhile in the city of Metroville... (in a sort of high voice) Oh no! It's Ultramax! (in a deep voice) Not to worry citizens. Power Lad is here!

Coco approaches the bench and leans on it behind Brandon, trying to read the book.

Coco: What are you doing?

Brandon, startled and backing away from Coco: Gah! Don't do that!

Coco: What? Scared you?

Brandon: Nah. I was just um... testing my reflexes, that's all.

Coco: What reflexes? You couldn't even stop this! (quickly pokes Brandon in his side)

Brandon: OW! (falls off bench)

Coco laughs as Brandon gets up with the comic book, now resting on his head.

Brandon: Hey... (removes comic book from top of his head) Not cool, Coco. (gets up)

Coco: I don't know, man. I thought it was pretty cool.

Brandon: Yeah, well... (thinking) You don't have a good sense of coolness.

Coco: Is that seriously your best comeback?

Brandon: Look, I don't have to make comebacks a lot. I'm new at this. And it was a pretty good comeback, thank you very much.

Coco: Yeah, well, you don't have a good sense of "comebackness".

Brandon: I may not have super sharp reflexes like Power Lad but I sure am observant. 

An alarm then blares across the street. The two look as the doors blast off of a local store. A group of robbers run out carrying high tech equipment and bags of money. Once the group clears the doorway, a figure carrying a large energy blaster steps out and points it at the park where Brandon and Coco are.

Brandon: But I sure didn't see that coming!

Theme Song Plays

The leader of the group fires the blaster and the two jump out of the way as the area they were standing at gets blasted. Brandon looks up from the ground and sees the group heading for a black van with flames painted on the side.

Coco, looking too: Those guys are getting away!

Brandon: Yeah, I noticed that!

Brandon gets up and activates the Omnitrix. He scrolls through the selections and stops at Wildpup's silhouette. He slaps down the face plate and goes through a transformation scene. The Omnitrix begins to grow orange fur and the fur crawls up Brandon's arm as the watch sinks into his arm. His face is then covered with the fur and his eyes shift to a bright green with smaller, lighter green dots representing his pupils. After spinning around in a cycle, Wildpup appears, barking for a voice. Upon transforming, Wildpup barks and goes after the criminals.

Coco: Alien dog vs group of robbers. This should be interesting.

Wildpup charges up to the robber group.

Robber: We're good to go. The van's all loaded up.

Robber: We'll be out of here in no ti- (is tackled by Wildpup) AHH!

Robber Boss: What is that?!

Wildpup barks at the Robber Boss.

Robber Boss: Take care of this mutt.

The other robbers surround Wildpup who looks around at them. Wildpup then releases a sonic bark which throws them all back, some into the van. The Robber Boss falls over after hitting a lamp post. The helmet falls off showing off that the robber boss is in fact a woman. Wildpup tilts his head in confusion.

Robber Boss, noticing: What? Never saw a girl before, dog?

She jumps over to Wildpup and attempts to catch him but Wildpup runs out of the way causing her to fall on her face. As she tries to get up, Wildpup releases a sonic bark which throws her into the van as well. She gets up and gets in the van and starts to drive off.

Coco: She's getting away!

Wildpup barks and chases after her. Two of the robbers wake up and see the van leave.

Robber: Hey! She stole our money. This wasn't part of the deal!

Robber 2: Yeah but did you see that dog thing? I'm worried about her.

The two robbers look at their direction. Meanwhile, the Robber Boss is driving off. She looks in her mirror and sees Wildpup chasing after her. She steps on the gas pedal but it doesn't seem to go any faster.

Robber Boss, hitting the panel: Come on! Lousy van.

She turns her head and sees her big energy blaster. She then gives a wicked smile. The Robber Boss then looks out of the window and aims the blaster. She then fires at Wildpup whom is then hit by a blast of energy.

Robber Boss: Oh yeah! Who's the boss? That's right, it's me!

The Robber Boss then looks back at the road and gasps. The van then drives off a cliff and into a forest. Back at the streets, Wildpup times out and turns back into a passed out Brandon. Coco catches up with Brandon and goes to his side.

Coco: Are you alright?

Brandon, waking up: Huh? Yeah, I'm fine. Looks like that robber boss escaped.

Coco: Not so sure. I think I saw her drive off that cliff.

Brandon: Whoa. Should we see if she's okay?

Police sirens then start to approach.

Coco: The police are showing up. We should probably get out of here before they interrogate us or something.

Brandon looks back at the cliff for a moment but nods. The two then leave the scene. The view shifts back to the cliff. Later on, in the night, the Conqueror is seen wandering through the forest with a couple of his droids hovering by his side.

Conqueror: Any sign of the device in the nearby area, droid?

Conqueror Droid: Negative, sir.

Conqueror: Keep searching. I must have this power before someone else gets their filthy hands on it.

The Conqueror and his droids then approach the crashed van. He stops and peers at it from afar.

Conqueror: Analysis.

The droids scan the vehicle and then return to the Conqueror's side.

Conqueror Droid: This vehicle has fallen from the road above.

Conqueror: Wrecked. Worthless.

Voice: Not so fast.

The Conqueror turns around and sees the Robber Boss carrying her big energy weapon. She fires it at his two droids leaving him alone, supposedly defenseless.

Robber Boss: You gonna mind telling me what those things were?

The Conqueror: Worth more than you.

The Conqueror swiftly draws his staff from behind him. He fires a laser from it at the Robber Boss, who is thrown into a tree which falls over and lands on her leg.

Robber Boss: AGH! Who are you?!

The Conqueror: I'm not an officer, if that's what you're wondering. I am the Conqueror. And those are the only words you will respect. (prepares to finish her off)

Robber Boss: You're worse than that alien dog thing.

He stops and lowers his staff slightly.

The Conqueror: What did you say?

Robber Boss: Like the aliens from the news is what I meant.

The Conqueror: You encountered one of them?

Robber Boss: I shot it with my blaster here.

She shows it off in a bragging fashion before lowering it and glaring at the Conqueror.

Robber Boss: What's it to you?

The Conqueror: Hmph. Perhaps you aren't so useless after all. I have an offer for you.

Robber Boss: Oh yeah? And what do I get out of it?

The Conqueror: Aside from possessing advanced technology and weaponry, you get to keep your life.

Robber Boss: Alright... I'm listening. What exactly do you want me to do?

The Conqueror: There is a device that I am searching for which I believe is the source of these alien "heroes". Find me the user of the device. Once you have located it, capture the creature and bring it to me for extraction.

Robber Boss: And about this technology you promised me.

The Conqueror presses a button on his staff which soon summons more droids to his location. One of which hovers over the Robber Boss.

The Conqueror: I will give you my prototype battle armor. It will give you the same abilities as my droids here.

The droid then opens up in its lower section and lowers onto the Robber Boss who is panicking a bit. The droid then consumes her and merges with her forming as a suit. The tree is then thrown off of her which crashes into her van. She then looks at herself and prepares to strike which activates a blaster in her wrist.

Robber Boss: Oh yeah! I'm digging this.

The Conqueror: Don't let your emotions cloud your judgement, convict. You'll also get my droids as your allies. Do not fail me so if you do I will search for you and I will terminate everything you find dearly.

The Robber Boss backs up and picks up her big energy blaster.

Robber Boss: Don't you worry. It's as good as done. This is personal for me too.

The next day, Brandon and Coco are seen walking the streets of the town.

Coco: What are we looking for?

Brandon: A new place to read my comics after that park got totaled.

Coco: What about a comic store?

Brandon: What? And be surrounded by a bunch of sweaty guys who like super heroes?

Coco: Isn't that basically you?

Brandon: Oh that's real funny. I forgot to laugh, Coco. (sigh) There has to be a bench around here somewhere. My feet are aching after the other day.

Coco: Well, maybe you should have picked a faster alien or maybe someone stronger.

Brandon: Yeah but I'm the one with the watch here so-

Coco: Um hello? (shows Omnitrix II on wrist)

Brandon: Just because you have one too doesn't mean you have the right to show off.

Coco: I didn't even try it out yet! Which leads to my upcoming point.

Brandon: Which is?

Coco: That you were suppose to show me how to use this thing today.

Brandon: Yeah well I wanted to read Power Lad until someone interrupted me.

Coco: The Robber Boss?

Brandon: No, you.

Coco: Y'know friends are supposed to help out other friends. Especially when they say that they will.

Brandon: Maybe later, Coco.

Coco, looking a little tense: Alright fine. I'll just try it out myself. (Activates Omnitrix II)

The signal from the Omnitrix II is sent out and is picked up by the Robber Boss, flying above. She then scans the area and finds Brandon and Coco.

Robber Boss: Huh?! It's the same kids from the other day. That hero guy must be close by...

She looks around and sees an apartment building. She then locks onto it and fires a laser. The laser passes into a nearby window and soon a fire can be seen building from within the apartment. A bunch of civilians start to evacuate the building and run past Brandon and Coco, who soon look up and see the burning apartment building before them.

Brandon: Looks like those people need some help!

Coco: I've got it. I've got it! (fiddles with the Omnitrix II) Um... Hang on. Just uh- give me a minute with this.

Brandon rolls his eyes and then runs towards the burning apartment building on his own. He stops by a lamp post and looks up at the burning building.

Brandon, activating Omnitrix: Alrighty then. Time for some Freezefire!

Brandon slaps down the face plate and transforms into Slime Shot.

Slime Shot: Slime Shot? Aw man...

Slime Shot turns around and sees the lamp post. He stretches around the pole and shifts upwards in a spiral motion. He then reaches the top of the post and stretches from there to the open window. Now inside, he then spits goo onto the flames as he progresses- slowly putting some the flames as best as he can. Firetrucks are then seen coming on the way. Slime Shot looks out of a different window and notices them. He sighs in relief.

Slime Shot: Finally. Looks like the professionals are here.

His glance then shifts slightly when a shadow appears through the window's reflection. His eyes then widen as the Robber Boss crashes through the window, knocking Slime Shot back. She faces Slime Shot who looks up to notice her.

Robber Boss: Got you right where I want you, Goo-Brain.

Slime Shot: Ugh. Another tough guy wanna-be?

Robber Boss: Who you callin' a wannabe, Snot Rocket?!

The Robber Boss fires her big energy blaster at Slime Shot, who slimes out of the way and reforms.

Slime Shot: That blast. It seems... so familiar.

Robber Boss: You've seen me before? That could only mean one thing.

Both: You're the same guy from yesterday!

Robber Boss, quickly interjecting: Hey, I'm a girl. Thank you very much.

The Robber Boss then fires the energy blaster at Slime Shot once more, who gets hit and is electrocuted into various weird shapes. Slime Shot then explodes into drops, however this explosion wasn't a powerful one like the ones he's capable of generating.

Robber Boss, wiping slime off of her: Aw gross. C'mon, man! This is a brand new suit.

Firefighters then enter the building wielding axes. The Robber Boss, noticing, flies out of the window. The firefighters look at each other in surprise. Slime Shot's bones reform around the slime which causes the reform of Slime Shot.

Slime Shot: I still hate that blast.

Fire Fighter: Ah! What is that thing?!

Slime Shot: Whoops! Uh... See ya!

Slime Shot slimes out of the window. The two firefighters look at each other once more. One of them simply shrugs. Later on, the Robber Boss returns to the forest where The Conqueror awaits.

The Conqueror: Well?

Robber Boss: Well what?

The Conqueror: Where is the device?

Robber Boss: I uh... I couldn't get it.

The Conqueror draws his staff and shoots the Robber Boss with a laser, without any sign of hesitation. This causes her to crash into the ground. The Conqueror stands over her and then steps on her chest.

The Conqueror: Nobody fails the Conqueror.

Robber Boss: Please, you gotta give me another chance! I was interrupted by some fire fighters. I'll get him this time.

The Conqueror: Second chances don't come often. Disappoint me again (presses down harder) and there will be no next time.

He removes his foot from her chest, allowing her to breath again. The Robber Boss gets up and runs away after looking back at the Conqueror. The Conqueror looks as she flees.

The Conqueror, to Conqueror Droid: Send her a larger group of droids. I want this done already.

Conqueror Droid: Affirmative, sir.

Two large droids fly out to the Robber Boss' direction. Meanwhile, under a bridge, Brandon is seen walking. Coco runs over to him.

Coco: Hey.

Brandon, not wanting to talk: Hey...

Coco: What's up?

Brandon, in the same tone: Nothing much.

Coco, getting sick of it: Alright. You're going to tell me what's up.

Brandon: You really wanna know? Fine. I'm tired on you being in my face all of the time. Sometimes I just want to do something I want to do. Don't you get that?

Coco: So you don't want me around? You don't like the things I do? You don't want me being around? Because if that's true, those are things only friends understand. If you don't understand, then what does that make me? Your enemy?

Brandon then looks away from Coco and thinks about it. An explosion is then seen in the distance.

Coco: Looks like trouble. You should probably go and take care of it.

Brandon: No. Come on, friend. We'll do it together.

Coco looks at Brandon, who smiles at him. After he smiles back, the two of them run over to the source of the explosion. Over there, the Robber Boss is seen shooting things with the robot droids at her aid.

Robber Boss, after blowing up a gas station: Oh yeah! Who's the boss?

Brandon: Not you!

Robber Boss: What?! Who said that? (turns around to face Brandon and Coco) You two brats again! Why are you always following me around?

Coco: Guess we're just lucky.

Brandon: What do you want? Why are you destroying the town?

Robber Boss: To get some alien device for an extremely powerful guy. What's it to yo- (Sees Omnitrix) Huh? Hey, that's a weird watch you've got there.

Coco: I bet you wanna see how it works. (Reaches for Omnitrix II)

Brandon: Coco, no!

Coco activates the Omnitrix II which sends out a signal. The Robber Boss picks up the signal and realizes something.

Robber Boss: Of course. It all makes sense now. You two all of those aliens, aren't you, kid? Oh ho ho. Is that creep gonna love this. Two for the price of one and an extra pay day for me to boot.

Coco: Gah! That wasn't- I didn't-

Robber Boss: Too late now. Why don't you just make this easy for all of us and just hand it over? Either that or I take it from your bodies. I'm good with either option, to be honest.

Brandon: Alright, I am just about sick of seeing you pop up all the time. Demanding stuff out of me. It's time you knew what it's like to have an enemy that really burns you up.

Brandon activates the Omnitrix and slaps down the face plate. He goes through a transformation scene. is skin begins to charcoal around his hand as the device merges into his arm. The changes to his hand spread up his arm and across his body until he has red-ish, hard-like skin which then starts to crack revealing hot, yellow substances in his left arm and cold, blue substances in his right arm. Both substances equally balanced in the center of the face plate now on his chest or in the middle. His head is then devoured in a flame leaving behind only his red-ish, hard skinned cranium and lower jaw as the flame is instantly frozen over. Freezefire then strikes a pose. Freezefire is seen standing in front of the Robber Boss.

Robber Boss: It's time we settled this, alien boy.

Freezefire: I couldn't agree more, robber girl.

The Robber Boss charges for Freezefire. Freezefire backs up as she strikes but then strikes her in the shoulder. She uppercuts him causing him to back up. He shakes his head.

Freezefire: I was told not to hit girls but you're not leaving me with much of a choice.

Robber Boss: Hitting kids wasn't the type of bad I was heading for either... but its even better.

The Robber Boss extends her arm out and fires a laser from her wrists at Freezefire. Freezefire burns them out with fireballs in his hands which form fire fists. When the Robber Boss is done firing, Freezefire stops punching and holds his fists up to his face. He then blows on them with a very small ice breath causing the flames to go out. He then smiles and preforms a beckon with his finger. The Robber Boss looks upset and then pulls out her big energy blaster. Freezefire gasps. She then smiles and points at Freezefire. Freezefire then extends his arms out to his sides and spins around in a circle. After looking in confusion, she then fires an energy blast at Freezefire. Freezefire's cycle then catches on fire forming a fire tornado which consumes the energy blasts until she's done firing. The Robber Boss then stops to reload her blaster. Freezefire stops spinning and fires an ice blast at her which freezes her blaster causing her to drop it. When it impacts with the ground, it shatters at her feet into multiple, little pieces.

Robber Boss: My blaster! You make me sick, little boy.

Freezefire, holding his head: I think I beat you to it. I might just vomit it from all this dizziness.

Robber Boss: Hey, Robos! Get him!

Some of the Conqueror's Droids are seen flying into the scene to attack Freezefire. Freezefire shakes his head and snaps out of it. He then throws fire balls at the robot droids and creates an ice shield to block their lasers. Freezefire then throws the ice shield and destroys some droids with it.

Robber Boss: You are SO going down!

Freezefire: I was just about to say the same thing.

Freezefire then fires an ice beam from his hands at the Robber Boss who gets hit and begins to freeze over.

Robber Boss: No! No! No! NO!

Freezefire then stops firing and looks at her who is frozen. She then struggles and then breaks out of the ice. She then looks angry and ready to fight however her suit slowly breaks apart showing her normal self.

Robber Boss: NO! What did you do to me?!

Freezefire: Just froze you up a bit. Had a feeling that suit would break apart when introduced to a few low temperatures.

Robber Boss: Please don't hurt me. My name's Ana. I... I was just following orders. I didn't want him to hurt me, that's all! (Sees pipe on the ground)

Freezefire: Who? Who were you working for?

Robber Boss, grabbing pipe: Like I'm telling you! (charges for Freezefire)

Coco then extends his foot out and she trips over him and lands face first on the ground in front of Freezefire.

Freezefire: Heh. Nice one.

Coco: Anything for a friend.

Later on, the police come and arrest Ana as Brandon and Coco are seeing this from a distance.

Coco: Y'know what?

Brandon: What?

Coco: Those droids look like the same ones from the forest. Remember? Back when you first got that freaky watch.

Brandon: Hey... Now that you think about it, you're right.

Coco: You think they're all from the same powerful guy she was talking about?

Brandon: Could be. But the question is: Who is he?

Meanwhile, else where in a forest somewhere, The Conqueror sits in his throne at his base as a Conqueror Droid comes to him.

Conqueror Droid: The female was unable to deliver, sir. She was defeated and captured by the local enforcers. Shall we pursue her?

The Conqueror: No. I don't want to be involved with her. She was a waste of time.

Conqueror Droid: On the contrary, sir, this whole scenario had provided us with promising information.

The Conqueror: Such as?

Conqueror Droid: The aliens involved are all linked to one person.

The Conqueror: Who?

Conqueror Droid: Unknown. Data was lost during her final encounter, sir.

The Conqueror: Hm... Soon, my droid. Soon this professional who possess my power-to-be will learn from the real master. Yes. So very soon...




Aliens Used


  • Unlike the original variation of this episode of this episode...
    • Coco is in this episode
    • The Robber Boss is female
    • Slime Shot was used rather than Diamondhead
    • Wildpup was the first alien used rather than the second one
  • The concept of the episode was originally focused on how the Robber Boss was friends with the Conqueror and enemies to Brandon but it was later on focused into how Brandon learns how to not treat friends like enemies while sharing a bit of the earlier concept.
  • It is revealed that The Conqueror has a staff that fires laser beams.
  • Brandon reads Power Lad Comics.
  • When reading comics, Brandon tries to do an impression of the character he's reading.
  • Since Brandon was treating Coco this way in this episode, their friendship must be recent in this episode but long enough to develop the best friend type of relationship.
  • Freezefire performs fire fists, fire tornado and ice shield for the first time.