Friama are a species from the moon Asadan in the Milky Way Galaxy.


Metal State

Friamas are dog-like aliens with yellow fur, a tail, and claws. They can make their fur a metallic substance. They all have yellow eyes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Metallic Fur: They can make their fur nearly indestructible. This helps against the Vutuitor's blades.
  • Claws: They have retractable claws that can cut through stone.
  • Salt Beam: They can shoot salt out of their mouth.


  • Normal Fur: When in their normal form they are as durable as a normal lion.

Society and History

The Friamas are the predator of the Vutuitors. They spend most of their time hunting the Vutuitors. If their salt beam is sprayed on a Vutuitor they will dry up and die.

Notable Friama


  • There is no visual difference between the males and females of this species.
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