Frequenta is an aquatic planet that exists just near the home of Tetramand race.


Frequenta is a utopian planet with masses of technology surrounding its floating form. An orb of water is below the technological masses, keeping intruders out. Frequenta has a large tower sticking out of its left side.


Frequenta was made when a supercomputer had attached itself to a metallic planet Ghadrus 18. The result had created a mobile planet, a planet that could defend itself from all invaders. Frequenta had created sonic cones it projected which lured in people who would eventually become apart of the Great Machination.

During this, Khoros invaded the planet for its great power and use in Warfare. Frequenta ultimately won and in a loss of pride, Tetramands retreated from the battle.

Due to the corruption of death, Frequenta began poisoning the mere air to trap more people on its lonely, utopian, and roken world.


  • Gaspirit: The inner embodiment of all fallen souls during the Khoros/Frequenta war. These are responsible for hallucinations.
  • Dronoids: Living metallic troops.


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