Freiya Aloy McDowell is a private in the Milky Way Defense Force, and one of the many to be stranded in the amalgamated universe after Vilgax attempted to fuse dimensions together.


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Much to the relief - and sometimes annoyance, of her comrades, Freiya has a very bubbly and energetic personality, very rarely wavering from that, only if severe damage comes to her mech and she's forced to retreat from a battle.


Like most members of the MWDF, Freiya has an Omni-Core built into her suit, which can only be activated while piloting her mech - nicknamed 5M0KY "Smoky" for its tendency to catch on fire after extended use. This means that she cannot be on the field for long periods of time, and must retreat to receive repairs.


Fracture Point

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  • The reason behind adding Freiya and Ka'sari to Fracture Point was to add more variety in the Omnitrix users, as opposed to a group of individuals who simply wield a watch-like device and transform themselves.
  • The original idea for Freiya was for her to be a serious, no-nonsense character who led the Milky Way Defense Force. After a few days of consideration, this idea was scrapped.
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