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Is An Upcoming Villain In An Upcoming Episode of Ben 10: Galactic Smash A Super Mutant Created by Dr. Animo and Mystically Augmented by Adwaita  He is a member of Skrawl's  Magic Mutant Gang  He is 1/3Arburian Pelarota 1/3 Polar Manzardill  1/3 Saltwater Crocodile


Powers and Abilities

From Alien DNA

He has all the powers of Articguana and Cannonbolt

From Earth Animal DNA

Jaw Strength and Powerfull Tail

Mutant Powers


  1. He can change his weight at will. He can go from being 1 kilogram, light enough to float on the wind , to 10,000 kilograms, dropping with intense force to crush his opponents. Even with his weight increased, it seems as though he can move normally, instead of being weighted down by his own mass.