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Freezepoint is the second episode in the first season of Ben 10: Negative Rising.


Ben is watching a movie starring Morgan Freeman.

(Ben): His voice is so calm..

The movie ends, and Ben sighs.

(Ben): Why can't Morgan Freeman be in Sumo Slammers?!?

There is a large flash of light, and standing before Ben is Morgan Freeman himself.

(Ben): Morgan Freeman! Why are you in my house?

(Morgan Freeman): Because, whenever someone says they want me in a television series or movie, I teleport to them instantly. One of the downsides of being me.

(Ben): Cool!

(Morgan Freeman): NOT cool. Look, I'm here to warn you about-

He pulls out an index card.

(Morgan Freeman): Xar...Xarli..Xarlaion..ahh, Xarlek.

(Ben): You know Xarlek?

(Morgan Freeman): I battled him earlier. Luckily, I was able to bore him to sleep when I told him how I was going to defeat him.


There is ANOTHER large flash of light, and Xarlek appears next to Morgan Freeman.

(Xarlek): Tennyson, I am here for my revenge. And as long as you're here, Freeman, I'm here for my revenge on you, too.

(Morgan Freeman): But, violence is never the solution.

(Xarlek): Hmm..you're right!

He transforms into Hypnotick and hypnotizes Morgan Freeman.


(Morgan Freeman): Hi y'all, I'm Morgan Freeman. I'm an awesome actor, I even played God, twice! Also, I have this watch..thing that can turn me into Freeman-Aliens! If I see you as one of my Freeman-Aliens, I'll sue you.

(Hypnotick, sighing): NOBODY CARES, FREEMAN.

Morgan Freeman transforms into an alien that looks like Swampfire.

(Swampmorgan): SWAMPMORGAN!

(Ben): Do you name everything after yourself?

(Swampmorgan): It's for copyright reasons.

(Hypnotick): Wait, let's not fight here.

They are all teleported to an arena.

(Ben): Morgan Freeman, I don't want to hurt you. Mostly because you're an awesome actor, and if you get injured, it'll ruin your career.

(Swampmorgan): Thanks, but since you aren't too important, I can eliminate you, and nobody will even care!

(Ben): ...Wow

Ben transforms into Four Arms and punches Swampmorgan.

(Swampmorgan, furious): YOU'RE MORGAN ARMS, I'LL SUE YOU!

(Four Arms): He's called Four Arms.

(Swampmorgan): WHATEVER!

He shoots fireballs at Four Arms, who blocks them with his fists.

(Four Arms): Ouch, ouch! Hot, hot!

(Swampmorgan): Nobody can withstand my awesomeness!

(Hypnotick): ..I can

(Four Arms): So can I.

(Swampmorgan): Oh.. Now I'm sad.

Swampmorgan reverts to Morgandactyl and grabs Four Arms.


Four Arms throws hin to the ground.

(Hypnotick): Get it over with, Freeman.

(Morgandactyl): I will soon enough.

Morgandactyl reverts to Morgan X and freezes.

(Morgan Freeman): Let me destroy Tennyson, please.

(Bellicus): No.

(Serena): Violence is never the option.

(Morgan Freeman): I-

(Bellicus): I suggest undoing the damage done to him.

(Serena): I agree.

(Morgan Freeman): No, no!

(Bellicus): It has been decided. Motion carried.

Morgan X times out and reverts to Morgan Freeman.

(Morgan Freeman): I'm back, everyone.

(Four Arms): Good. Let's finish him.

(Morgan Freeman): But, young Ben. Violence is never the option.

(Hypnotick): For you, maybe.

He transforms into a large creature.

(Quadroclaw): Meet Quadroclaw, the predator of all Tetramands!

(Four Arms): Well, I'm doomed.

Four Arms starts to run away from Quadroclaw, who chases after him.

(Morgan Freeman): Oh my, this is not good.

He transforms into Morgattack and captures Quadroclaw in his orbit.

(Quadroclaw): Nope.

He transforms into Buglizard and disappears.

(Four Arms, timing out): Thanks.

(Morgattack, reverting back): My pleasure.

The two shake hands, and Ben walks away.




Aliens Used

By Ben

By Xarlek

  • Hypnotick (first reappearance)
  • Quadroclaw (first appearance)
  • Buglizard (first reappearance)

By Morgan Freeman

  • Morgandactyl
  • Swampmorgan
  • Morgan X
  • Morgattack
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