Brandon 10 - Freezefire.png
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Pyrokincryo
DNA source Unknown
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pyrokinesis
Flame/Ice Surfing
First Appearance A Hero is Born

Freezefire is a alien transformation from the series, Brandon 10.


Freezefire is a humanoid alien with rocky, red skin that has multiple cracks showing off his interior substance which is balanced between a bright yellow and cool blue. His head is practically a floating, red skull encased in a frozen flame connecting it to his neck collar. He has two toes on his feet and the Omnitrix symbol is centered on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Freezefire has the ability to blast fire and ice projectiles in different forms, whether they are fireballs or ice beams or something else all-together. He is also resistant to extreme tempatures, both hot and cold. Using the force of his blasts, he can elevate himself into the air and use his beams to hover and surf around. Freezefire can also absorb fire into his hands and freeze objects upon touch. He's also very nimble.


His weakness is usally fire extishushaing items and ice melting items like water or heat. Depending on which side hes using, Freezefire will be most effected by that certain item.


Original Series


Video Games

Online Games



  • He is Brandon's first ever used alien.
    • He is also Brandon's favorite.
  • In The Original Series, Brandon used Freezefire mainly for his fire abilities.
  • In Sick Day, when Freezefire caught a cold as well as a fever, his fire poweres switched to ice powers and his ice powers switched to fire powers. But since he already had control over the two elements, this hardly affected him aside from being sick.


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