General Information
Species Robot Bear
Home World Pizza Planet
Powers and Abilities
First Appearance The Mystery Hospital

Fredben is an alien that appears in Ben 10: Ultra Aliens His Ultraitrix is on his top hat.  He have a ultra form: Ultra Fredben


  • He looks like Freddy but instead of a whole body, He is just a floating head with 2 hands.
  • He is brown and his hat is black

Powers and Ability

  • Exceptional strength
  • Invisibility
  • His claws are very strong and he can cut through metal
  • He can shoot out a dark pulse
  • Telekinesis


  • Fredben can't go out in sunlight or else he would be burning.
  • He is colorblind


  • Fredben is Ben's scariest alien ever.
  • Fredben is based on Freddy form Five Night At Freedy.
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