Fred Blake was the sole Splixson survivor of the Splixson Genocide that took place sixty years prior to the pilot episode, and is the main character in 40: The Last Splixson.


He looks like any Splixson would, but he is notable for his exceptional blue eyes. He is also has a rather short build.


Fred is a very emotional person and lets his emotions control him from time to time. The Genocide of the Splixsons and the death of Blank had haunted him until he was comforted by Lady Hathor and the Gilded Knight reminding him of his right to save others and himself.

Blank's death in particular had a huge effect on his personality and motives, making him very distant from others for a while.

Fred is a person with incredibly strong resolve who will do anything and everything in his power to accomplish something that is important to him without any hesitation. After he unlocks Chrononaut, he tries to travel back to the time of the Genocide and prevent it, which had already been found to be an impossible task by King Timascus.


Fred has the ability to clone himself with no limit, albeit slower than regular Splixsons.

Every Fred operates independently, regardless of what the others wants them to do and each clone is indistinguishable from the others. This allows Fred to do multiple tasks simultaneously or to cover a large area. 

The raised green bumps on Fred's body are sensor nodes, which help create a sensory web around the Fred clones. This sensory web allows the clones to share senses and physical sensations.

Fred is flexible and quite agile. He can also breathe underwater and is an adapt swimmer.

Last but not least, he is the wielder of the Novatrix, capable of transforming into 40 different aliens.


  • Every clone shares a link with the other, meaning they all feel the same pain.
  • Splixsons are known to argue with their clones, but Fred doesn't seem to do so.
  • Fred seems not to take loss in a healthy ways, and is known to have fits of depression.
  • Fred doesn't believe he is capable of being the hero he was destined to be.



  • He originally had yellow eyes.
  • His overall color scheme (Blue, Black and White) is the default one for the series, and most specifically the Novatrix.
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