Freaky Wizz is a ghost wizard-like alien. He is Kenny's 2nd favorite alien.
Freaky Wizz

Freaky Wizz



  • Can create minions/monsters/aliens
  • Flight
  • Can control the sky & weather
  • Can create natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc.)
  • Eyes can see through anything and see anything
  • Eye lasers
  • Can see into the future
  • Time travel (hidden power)


  • Limited flight
  • Sometimes cannot controll minions/monsters/aliens
  • Sometimes cannot controll natural disasters
  • Cannot see when eyes are struck

Species and Planet

Species: Conjuroriee

A Conjuroriee is a wizard-like species that can conjure nearly anything, but it is difficult to control. Only ancient, trained Conjuroriees can completely control their powers making them the most powerful alien besides Alien X.

Planet: Desierto

Desierto is a desert world that was once nothing before the Conjuroriees were around. Once the Conjuroriees became a species, they used their powers to turn the planet into a living city, making it the most civilized planet besides Vilgaxia and Earth.


Ken 10

Ben 10: Multi Trixes

He is in the Season 3 original ten.

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