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Frankenstrike is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Transylian from the planet Anur Transyl in the Anur System.


Frankenstrike has an appearance similar to the classic depiction of Boris Karloff's version of Victor Frankenstein's monster. He has a body made out of stitched parts, black and green pants, a greenish-silver belt and two electric towers on his back, along with bronze gloves and boots. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his belt, with bolts on his chest, shoulders and hips.

Powers and Abilities

Frankenstrike has an electromagnetic body with two conductor coils on his back that allow him to generate and manipulate green lightning and electromagnetism.

Frankenstrike can emit powerful lightning bolts and emit magnetism from his hands or his feet, allowing him to attach to metal structures.

Frankenstrike can emit his lightning in the form of waves that can travel along flat surfaces. Frankenstrike possesses enhanced strength and he can enhance his physical attacks by giving them an electrical charge. He also has enhanced durability, jumping, reflexes, and dexterity. Frankenstrike is immune to the effects of Corrodium and can survive in the vacuum of space.

Frankenstrike has a form of technokinesis by connecting himself to machines with his conductor coils to control them. He can do so with his electricity as well. Frankenstrike is also resistant against extreme heat.


Frankenstrike can be harmed by the impact of another Transylian's electrical attacks, and the two generators on Frankenstrike's shoulders are the source of his electricity, which means opponents can absorb his electricity through them. Frakenstrike is unable to fit through small or tight spaces and he can be controlled and hypnotized by Vladats via their Corrupturas.




  • In the Battle Ben timeline, Anur Transyl is still home to a variety of inhabitants from the Anur System as shown in Omniverse, with some medieval small towns where the people live, and larger complexes and laboratories with a steampunk aesthetic, which the Transylians use to study Corrodium and use it for various projects. The Loboans come from Luna Lobo to Anur Transyl for commerce, while the Thep Khufans come to exchange brute Corrodium with the more refined material the Transylians produce. The Ectonurites however come from Anur's ancient past, where they took over the entire system, and just found Anur Transyl the most interesting planet to settle in.


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