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General Information
Home Planet Barren Hollow
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Alternate-Self Summoning
Sharp Claws
Chronokinetic Immunity
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Weaknesses Limited Control
Split Personality
Feral Nature

Fracturemen are Doublecross's species. They used to originate from the ringworld Barren Hollow, but in timelines such as Earth-1010, they are extinct.


The Fracturemen are a peaceful, if reclusive species. They are often seen as aggressive, however, as individuals are prone to lashing out and attacking thin air- giving the appearance of madness. In reality this is them assisting an alternate version of themselves, but their chronokinetic immunity means they remain in their own timeline while doing so.


It is unknown when, why, or how the hindbody of a Fractureman appears. Adolescents do not possess one, yet almost all adults do. Given the Omnitrix's choice to retain a hindbody, it can be assumed that this is some form of evolutionary feature. One scientific belief states that this gives them a dual-timeline presence and a permanent connection to the greater multiverse, since a Fractureman never leaves their own timeline yet it is believed that the hindbody is an alternate timeline Fractureman, making the hindbody a permanently summoned self pressed onto both timelines.


Earth-1010 Lore
The following lore applies only to the version of this article that would exist within Earth-1010 continuities.
The Fracturemen are extinct, and have been for many millennia.

Their race was, at the height of their power, greatly feared by the Chronosapiens despite the Fracturemen's relative pacifism and total ambivalence of the Chronosapien race. In the earliest centuries of the Heaven Wars, this fear was exercised in the form of a total genocide against the Fracturemen. Those who escaped this purge were unable to find refuge anywhere due to heightened xenophobia anywhere they went, and eventually perished alone in the cold depths of space.

This race is not present in any Codon Stream in Earth-1010.

Earth-775775 Lore
The following lore applies only to the version of this article that would exist within Earth-775775 continuities.
During the early years of the Unitrix program, the Fracturemen were left in the pool of aliens available commonly within public releases of the Unitrix.

Due to the havoc this alien was able to wreak among certain individuals who failed to control it, the alien was quickly removed and placed into the list of banned species.

Known Fracturemen

  • Doublecross (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Fractureman)


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