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Fracture Point is a series by Nitracity focusing around the adventures of Margaret Valventia and company, as they explore the aftermath of multiple dimensions colliding with one another.


After countless years of waging war after war with the Tennyson family, experiencing defeat after defeat, being revived over and over again only for the cycle to repeat itself to no end, Vilgax has reached his breaking point. Deciding to shed his "mortal" form, most of which has been replaced by prosthetics by now, he manages to turn himself into a virus, one that cannot be cured - only to then unleash himself upon the inhabitants of Earth. Few manage to escape the plague before it's too late, but unfortunately, the greatest loss of all was that of the universe's current defender; Julius Tennyson. With Vilgax's mind now merged with the hero's body, and in possession of the Bio-Core, he starts his ultimate plan; merging all realities into one, where he is the sole ruler.

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While I'm not completely sold on the idea, I've seen other series do something like this, so I might as well. If you're a fan of the series, then feel free to put your signature in the list below.
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