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The Fossorvates are an alien species in Brandon 10. They live on an unknown planet.


Fossorvates are large, grey, mole-like creatures with a big, metallic drill-like nose. They have small eyes and claws on their stubby hands. Fossorvates also have an armored shell.

Powers and Abilties

Fossorvates are known for their digging abilities and they use their nose to drill further. Fossorvates also have super senses allowing them to see from a long distance without even using their eyes.


Fossorvate eyesight is extremely sensitive to brightness including sunlight or any other type of bright light. Fossorvates barely use their eyes and when left to use them, their sight decreases. 

Known Fossorvates

  • Drillbit (Ultimatrix DNA Sample)
  • The Guardian (Enhanced Fossorvate)
  • King Sor