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Forteans are a species from the planet Fortmass.


Forteans are humanoid, armored aliens with dark red skin and metal-gray armor. They have helmets with spikes on their heads.


Forteans are mostly a peaceful population, however some of them are nitwits and therefore, bandits. The latter developed the strongest muscles.

Powers and Abilities

Forteans are very durable thanks to their armor. It is made of aluminium, thus it is light and doesn't make Forteans slower.

Forteans can manipulate inertia, meaning they can either speed up or slow down an object, depending on its moving direction.


Forteans' armor makes them heavier than if they were without it. As such, they may sink in water and fall on ground harder.

Forteans have a natural predator, the Slazer, which annihilates their powers.

Notable Forteans


  • Fortean bandits are often stylized after Medieval ones, Robin Hood's enemies.