Former Untold is a series about a guy named Former Untollison who finds the Supertrix. It has many animal-like aliens. In addition to what it is already about, Ultimatehero will now use it to test unused alien species.

Season One Aliens

Birdrill: A pelican-like alien with a drill beak. He can shoot feather projectiles.

Rammahorn: A bull-like alien. He can shift his horns around, turning him into Hornwarner.

Hornwarner: Hornwarner is a ball-alien with a horn on his head. He also has frog-like feet. He can shoot horns, use his tongue as a whip, and turn into a rhino.

Dinatyra: A dinosaur-like alien with many jumbles of dinosaur parts. He uses them, and can shift into prehistoric.

Mousequito: A mouse-like alien with wings. It has a poisonous stinger and cheese blasts.

Rilladillo: An armadillo-like alien that can turn it's shell into a shield.

Lijare: A liger-like alien that uses it's fur for camoflague. And yes, ligers are real.

Krooketile: An alligator-like alien that shoots spikes and has a constricting tongue and tail.

Allef Ant: An gray ant-like alien with a trunk.

Koomada: A komodo dragon-like alien that can turn invisible.

Season Two Aliens

Pantharr: A jungle cat-like animal with kangaroo feet. He can start tornadoes and run up to 50 mph.

Babble On: An ape-like alien with a flute-like mouth. He can shoot sound waves and has baboon abilities.

Komeo: A chameleon-like alien. He can also shapeshift into a frog.

Frogglet: A frog-like alien. He uses his croak to jump high, and he can also use his legs. Combined, he can jump anywhere to 50 feet away.

Dukkon: A duck-like alien. He can shoot water, bubbles, and can fly.

Season Three Aliens

Kamale: A camel-like alien. He can use his tail as a whip and spit hot dirt and hot sand.

Kobray: A snake-like alien. He can shift his shape without shapeshifting. He can also grow and use his tail as a whip.

Droolfin: A dolphin-like alien. He can swim and blast water.

Grosse: A goose-like alien pronounced goose in French. He can fly, blast water, shoot feathers, use his beak as a drill, and swim.

Humanwolf: A mutant human-like alien. He looks like a cross between a human and a werewolf.

Season Four Aliens

Jaylayfish: A jellyfish-like alien. He can shoot shocks and tentacles.

Dermonkey: A cross between a spider, monkey, and elephant.

Oater: An otter-like alien. He can use his tongue as a whip and use his arms as water fans.

Ponay: A pony-like alien that can run up to 50 mph and start tornadoes and major winds.

Seel Ion: A sea lion-like alien with a mane. He can control his mane hairs and blast water and jungle calls.

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