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Forge of Creation
Season 6, Episode 7
Air date 18/5/2012
Written by Ahmad15
Directed by Ahmad15
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Lepidottera (Ahmad 15)
Primus (Ahmad 15)

Forge of Creation is the seventh episode in Ahmad 15's sixth season.


The Ship with Ahmad, Oussama, Leypod, and Azmuth was still moving. Inside the ship:

Ahmad: Now is the Forge of Creation?

Oussama: Yes, I wish we are not attacked by Crystalsapiens.

Azmuth: They are Celetisapiens.

Oussama: Oh..

Leypod: Where is the Forge?

Theme Song!

Leypod: Where is the Forge of Creation?

Azmuth: Hold the Map of Infinity.

Everybody held the Map of Infinity and the Forge of Creation appeared. Azmuth went to get the DNA.

Oussama: Cool, a river! What's that sound?

Vilgax's Ship hovered in front of the Team.

Ahmad: Vilgax! I'll handle him! (slams Ultimatrix) Way Big! (blasts a door on Vilgax's ship)

Vilgax came out. Ahmad quickly switched to Fasttrack and ran away.

Azmuth: (comes back) I've got the... (looks at Vilgax), oh...

Oussama blasted Vilgax's Ship with a large Gun to river. Vilgax's Ship sank, but then made some bubbles in the Water. Ahmad reverted back.

Leypod: He is swimming to the Top!

Ahmad: I'll stop him, You go!

Oussama: But...

Azmuth, and Leypod (pulling Oussama) left. Oussama fairwelled Ahmad sadly. Ahmad fairwelled back. Ahmad looked at the bubbling water and dived.




Aliens Used[]


  • Ahmad will fight Vilgax in the begining of the next episode.
  • The Team recollected Alien X's DNA.
  • The Team recollected all of the missing alien DNA.