Forevertrix for An Anonymous User
General Information
User Unknown
Type DNA alter
First Appearance Ben 10: Ultimate Protector 4 Multi Omniverses

The Foreveratrix, or the Forever Omnimatrix, is a combination of Evil Ben's Infinitrix, the Infinitrix, Good Albedo's Infinitrix, the Unitrix, the prototype Omnitrix, Ultimatrix, Omnitrix, and the sword Ascalon.


It is grey. It basically looks like the Ultimatrix. It has three Omnitrix dials on it when you hit a certain button. The first one to represent regular forms. The second one for the user to go ultimate when they are a regular form. The third one for the user to go infinite when they are an ultimate form. But...there is no dial for the Forever forms.


Foreveratrix Modes

  • Green: Active
  • Red: Recharging
  • Blue: Recalibrating
  • Yellow: Scaning DNA
  • Purple: Being Hacked
  • Orange: Radiation Detected
  • White: Error
  • Black: Turned Off
  • Beige: Portal Activated


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