Ammar 10:The Final Stand
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 1/11/2011
Written by Haqim03659
Directed by Haqim03659
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Father,legend of the guardian part 1
Forever is now is first episode in Ammar 10:The Final Stand.


  • -Ammar and Ben are watching a Sumo Slammers movie-
    • The power of Ben's form.
    • Ammar's arch enemy and him will absorb his body.
    • Gwen's arch enemy.
  • Ammar:Wow! This is a best movie i ever seen!
  • Ben:Yeah!
  • -Kevin walks to Ammar's house-
  • Kevin:Ben! Ammar!
  • Ammar and Ben:What!,I cant hear you!
  • -Ammar slow down the volume-
  • Ammar:What is it?
  • Ben:Gwen?
  • Kevin:Yeah...
  • -Kevin,Ben and Ammar to Gwen's house-
  • Kevin:Cookiebara in Pokey, change color!
  • Gwen:Ammar! Where's your Ultimatrix?
  • Ben:Here's your Ultimatrix.
  • Ammar:Thanks!
  • Ben:I have a Omnitrix.
  • Later...
  • Ammar:(Chew)
  • Gwen:What are you doing?
  • Ammar:Eat my cake... You wan't some?
  • Gwen:No.
  • Kevin:I do!
  • Ben:Me too!
  • Max:I'm home!
  • Ben and Gwen:Grandpa!
  • Kevin:That's i call a hug.
  • -The epiosde ends,so Ben gives Ammar a ultimatrix.The screen says,
  • "At the end of the episode,Ben and Gwen are hug to Grandpa max."
  • The end.
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