Forever Organisation
Forever Organisation emblem
General Information
Species Humans (primarily)
Status Active
Home World Earth
Occupations Production of Unitrix systems
Abilities and Equipment
Equipment Unitrixes
Power armour
Alias Forever Knights (formerly)
Alternate Counterparts Forever knights
First Appearance The Unitrix Earth
The Forever Organisation is a super-corporation from the Age of the Unitrix. They are a group composed primarily of Humans operating on Earth, and are the Earth-775775 equivelant of the Forever Knights. They are responsible for the production and distribution of the Unitrix systems on Earth-775775. The Forever Organisation are ruled by the Forever King, King Regi.


Different classes of workers for the Forever organisation have vastly differing appearances and roles, each with their own ranking systems.

Forever Knights

These warriors are the vanguards of the Forever Organisation's private militia. They wear dark silver armour, similar to a medieval Knight. Their faces are not visible in this armour, and the Forever emblem is located on their chest. Knights from this class often wield combat-centred aliens such as Tetramands, Vaxasaurians, and Detrovites. The Forever Knights are ruled over by the Forever General, Sir Cromwell.

Forever Scientists

The Forever Scientists are the most accomplished and brilliant scientists in human history, and are responsible for the initial invention of the functioning Unitrixes that the Forever Organisation has built itself upon. They often wear white labcoats with the Forever emblem on the top left of the chest. Higher ranking Scientists are not required to wear helmets. The helmets worn by lower ranks are designed for scientific purpose and not combat, containing their own computer systems and other equipment. Forever Scientists often have smart, or engineering, based aliens such as Galvans, Nosedeenians, and Techadon Weapon Masters. The Forever Scientists are managed by the Forever Genius, Dr. Albert.

Forever Suits

The Forever Suits are the most public-facing branch of the Forever Organisation. They are responsible for public relations, as well as pushing the use of Unitrixes onto the public. They wear black, formal suits (as the title suggests) and all ranks are required to wear helmets whilst on duty. Forever Suits very rarely use their Unitrixes, so it is not known what Aliens this class typically possess. The Forever Suits are directed by the Forever Boss, Godfather Abraham.


Whilst the Forever Organisation is famous for being the benevolent producers of the Unitrix systems (often distributing them for free in times of public need), they are also infamous amongst underground societies as being highly aggressive and merciless to those who wrong them.


Whilst a comprehensive list of what is, and is not, acceptable to the Forever Organisation is not available, some underground-type groups have compiled a list of actions that seem to offend them. It should also be noted that the Forever Organisation act on the behalf of no Earth government system, and nobody is required to sign any kind of contract when receiving a Unitrix. The following is a list of unwritten rules regarding the Forever Organisation:

  • Tampering with a Unitrix. This includes:
    • Attempting to access the master control (however this is easier to hide)
    • Attempting to change the unlocked alien
    • Attempting to deactivate a Unitrix
  • Refusing to wear a Unitrix
  • Attempting to remove a Unitrix
  • Interfering with the Forever Organisation in any way

Powers and Abilities

Every member of the Forever organisation wields a Unitrix system. Most Forever Knights possessing combat-oriented aliens such as Tetramands and Detrovites, whilst Scientists posses aliens such as Galvanic Mechamorphs and Cerebrocrustaceans. This allows them to transform in their predetermined aliens.


Whilst originally known as the Forever Knights, a secret organisation of alien hunters, the Forever Organisation was founded upon discovery of the alien device simply known as the Unitrix. The Forever Organisation was a splinter group of the Forever Knights, until eventually wiping out competing groups with use of their new Unitrix systems. It is not yet known how humans managed to create a functioning Unitrix system.

Now, the Forever Organisation is responsible for the mass production and distribution of the new Unitrix systems, devices that allow the user to transform into a single alien. Thanks to the worldwide demand for these devices, the Forever Organisation is the most powerful force on Earth. 

Notable Members

Leading Members

Name Class Position Short biography
King Regi N/A Forever King The leader of the Forever Organisation. King Regi has guided the Forever Organisation forwards with his fair rule.
Godfather Abraham Forever Suit Forever Boss Secretive yet friendly, as with all Forever Suits not much is known about Godfather Abraham.
Dr. Albert Forever Scientist Forever Genius The lead scientist of the Forever Organisation, Dr Albert has his own agenda unknown to the Organisation.
Sir Cromwell Forever Knight Forever General Arrogant and rude, Sir Cromwell rules over the Forever Knights with an iron fist and zero tolerance.

Sir Vere

Forever Knight Ex-Forever General Loyal and true to the Forever King, Sir Cromwell was promoted in his place after Sir Vere died under mysterious circumstances.

Lower Ranks

Name Class Position Short biography
Agent 1984 Forever Suit Suit Often paired alongside Agent 1835, Agent 1984 is one of the two Forever Suits assigned to retrieve the Super Unitrix from Ann.
Agent 1835 Forever Suit Suit Agent 1984's field partner, Agent 1835 is rarely defeated in combat thanks to how many of his opponents under-estimate his abilities.

Unnamed Knights

Descriptor / Alien Class Position Appearances
Galvanic Mechamorph Forever Scientist Scientist

The Paradox Problem
Centaur of Attention

King's Guards (x4) Forever Knights Royal Guards The Paradox Problem
Pyronite Intruder Forever Knight Commander Centaur of Attention


The Forever Organisation will have a heavy presence in the Age of the Unitrix.


  • Whilst all Forever Knights working for the Forever Organisation are human, it is believed that aliens do secretly work for other branches of the Forever Organisation.


Age of the Unitrix
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