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If you are looking for the organization in the Canon Series and other Fan Fiction Series, see The Forever Knights

The Forever Knights was created by Sir George about a thousand years ago.

Knight of All Knights[]

The Birth of the Forever Knights[]

About a thousand years ago, the Illuminati, a cover organization for the Esoterica, whom work for Diagon, attacked Caido Castle and slaughtered 2 Knights. Sir George and Sir James fought against them, and once they learned they were in League with Diagon, became troubled. Later, Opados, leader of the Esoterica at the time, killed a 3rd Knight. They later took control of an entire village and killed more people.

Enraged by this, George seeked vengeance. But, the village of Georgius attacked first. They became brave, and rioted against the Illuminati, whom were calling themselves The Knights Templar as an attempt to confuse them. But the Village of Georgius saw through their lies and they left. James, inspired by this, convinced George that they needed help to fight Diagon and the Illuminati.

One Day Later, 100 Knights gathered at a Tavern and joined together. George was inspired by one man's quote, and thus said the name of this organization would be.....

" The Forever Knights ".

War With the Illuminati[]

The Battle Against Diagon[]

Knight of Time[]

Nothing is currently known.

Knights of the Sword[]

By Now, the Forever Knights are still alive and working hard. Ed's Father is a Forever Knight. While they don't affect most of the show, they might gather and come to the trio's aid to fight against him.


Ancient Forever Knights[]

  • Sir George
  • James
  • Sir Kay
  • Sir Malcolm
  • 100 Other Knights