Nate Etan was sitting in his room when he got a phone call. The wierdest thing was it was from JBaz-L. Nate's friend Joanne had that name, but she never called unless it was an emergency.

"Hello?" said Nate, hoping she would ask about milkshakes. She called it a "strange Earth tradition". "Hello Nate. Meet us at Cubbieville Cafe, Chicago. That is where you live, Chicago, right?" asked Joanne. "I'll fly there. See ya!" said Nate.

He opened the window and transformed into a buglike alien with his Omnisix. "Chrisilis!" he shouted. He flew out the window, shot a web to close it, and was off.

Nate flew over the town mubeling "Cubbiville Cafe, Cubbiville Cafe, ah, there it it!" He arrived and changed back only to see his friends Will Tetrax, Jordan Albito, and Joanne Baz-L.

"Hey Bug Boy." said Will. He liked to tease Nate for flying everywhere instead of just plain walking or skimming the ground with his alien Razor, and for spelling his alien's names wrong. "Shut up, Will. Would you be content if I dubbed you dimond hand?" asked their smart friend Jordan (compared to the other members of the group, she was the smartest person in the galaxy.)

"O.K., what is it?" asked Nate. "The Forever Knights are at it again." said Will. "Who?" asked Nate. "An evil group of knights who steal alien tech and use it for evil purposes." said Joanne. She Jumped into a nearby car and said "Come on, let's get 'em!"

The ride was bumpy, especially because Joanne would stop for food whenever she saw a resteraunt. "You extreame hunger is getting on all of our nerves." commented Jordan. Nate was impacient. He always said "Are we there yet?" Finally. the group arrived at a castle.

"We have to tear it down!" said Will, sho turned his hands into swords and started chopping. Joanne melted with the car and ramed it into the castle. Jordan pounded at it. Nate slapped the Omnisix, turning him into Elimin8, a tiger like alien.

Once Elimin8 co-operated, the castle was down in no time. Nate changed back. Then, he saw a bunch of men in knights armor with an infinity symbol on their chests. A squire by the looks of it said "intruders". A knight said "Good work, Norman." and charged his army at them.

Nate slappen the Omnisix and turned into Razor. "Razor to the left, Razor to the right." he said. He multiplied until it was true, then he attacked. He easily defeated the knights.

Razor changed back, and said. "If that's the forever knights, then they're not so tough." He didn't know how wrong that was.

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