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Forever E.V.O. is a third episode of Ben 10: Power of EVO.


Episode start when forewer knights are catching some alien(later EVO). It is captured. Forever knights are taken it to treir castle. There they are investigate it. They revild that it is a human witch change DNA code. They descover that their are several. Forewer knigts decides that they can made army from they.

Ben is fighting withc some EVO. He transform into NRG, and smash it awey. Then transform it into human. In human form is seen that it on his skin is device. Ben knows that it is mind controller. He calls to Gwen and

Ben 10: power of EVO.
Season 1, Episode 3
Written by Petors
Directed by Petors
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Baz-ei destroy
Dr Animo= Ultimate EVO.

Kevin. Gwen using her mana power knows that mind is controled from forewer knight castle. Ben an team are going there.

In door to castle Ben will transform into amfibian, but transform into some alien. He called it about finger changer. He twisted his hands together to made spiral. He say gwen to pool him into digital key. He somehow unlock door. There is some army of EVOs. They are attacking to team. Ben transform into heatblast. He shot fire to they, but it dosn't help. Then he transform's into EVOheatblast. Then he made fire storm. When he is defeat all EVOs appears forewer knights Ben ansform into finger changer again. Then he say to gwen to she using him have mana shotter. She did so and defeat forewer knights. Then appear big EVO dragon. Kevin is attacked to it, but dragon easy hit him back. Then Ben using his nanites deactivation ray and transform dragon back to human. Then he goes to forewer knights mind control base and using finger changer coonects to it. Then he using mind control waves fused with nanites deactivation ray transform all EVOs back to their real form. Then team escape from castle. In ends of episode some forewer kniht say that he will destroy Ben's team.



  • E.V.O.s
  • The Forever Knights

Aliens used[]

  • NRG
  • Finger Changer (First time, acidental transformations, selected alien was AmpFibian,debut,3x)
  • Heatblast
  • E.V.O. Heatblast