Forever Alonasaur
General Information
Species Vaxasaurian
Home World Terradino
Body Humanoid dinosaur
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Super Strength, Super durability, growth
First Appearance TBA
Forever Alonasaur is one of Ben Tememeson's aliens he transforms into using the Omemetrix in the series "Ben 10: Meme Force."


Forever Alonasaur bears a strikingly similar appearance to Ben Tennyson's alien Humungousaur from the series "Ben 10: Alien Force." The only difference is that Humungousaur's face had been replaced with the Forever Alone meme.


Forever Alonasaur is disliked by everyone when Ben transforms into him. However, Forever Alonasaur acts oblivious to this, and always has a cheery positive attitude.


Forever Alonasaur is 12 feet in height, and has the power to grow up to 60 feet in height. Forever Alonasaur also posesses super-strength and super-durability.


One of Forever Alonasaur's weaknesses is his size; if Ben turns into Forever Alonasaur indoors, he has a good chance of breaking the roof.

Also, since nobody really likes Forever Alonasaur, his lack of self esteem renders him consantly sad and lonely, most of the time mentally unable to fight.


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