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Forestfire is a alien in Simien 10 and Ben 10: Unlimited Power . He is one of Simien's aliens. He also appears in Ben 10: Unlimited Power as one of Ben's aliens in the Omnitrix III.

General Information
Species Xylopyron
Home World Incendiebois
Body Tree-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pyrokinesis, Chlorokinesis, Stretching his limbs, flying.


  • Pyrokinesis, controling fire
  • Controlling plants
  • Growing another face on his back
  • Stretching his arms
  • Flying
  • Disguises himself as a tree
  • Planting himself


  • If water is spilled into his eyes or mouth, he will die

    Forestfire's lego version

Species and Planet

Species: Xylopyron

A tree-like species.In order to survive Incendiebois's burning forests, they have developed a fire manipulating ability. They also can disguise themselves as trees to hide from predators, and control plants to defeat the predators if spotted, since all species there are immune to fire.

Planet: Incendiebois (actually a moon)

One of Selva's moons, this moon is literally a burning forest. The moon is filled with unique trees which are immune to fire and burn constantly. The moon is a home for many species that have developed a immunity to fire. Survival for other species is nearly impossible (except for Pyronites, Methanosians and other fire controlling species), since the whole moon is full of burning forests, and there almost isn't a spot on the moon with no burning tree.


He looks tree-like

He has 7 legs as "roots"

He has a line of leaves on his back from his forehead until his legs

He has Jack-o-Lantern-like face on the tree stump with fire in them

He has fire spikes on his roots, back and arms

Forestfire in Ben 10: Fanfiction: The Game

Alternate versions


Eriftserof is Forestfire's opposite clone, used by Neimis. He has the opposite of Forestfire's powers. Eriftserof can freeze, control technology, fly, stretch his arms and disguise himself as a metal pipe. Eriftserof is a Norypolyx from Siobiednecni.


Simien 10

"Double Vorkus Trouble"

"Omnimorphed" (by Ovillon)

"Vorkus's Ghost"


"Warriors of Time"

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