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Foreseer is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Futurnian and a Gastrosee, a symbiotic lifeform, from the planet Zapslas. Foreseer was originally created for Battle Ben.


Foreseer is primarily considered to be the main body, although the symbiotic centipede also has Ben's consciousness. The bigger alien has a beige, rounded alien, with stubby arms and legs. He has two big blue eyes on the sides of his head, and two smaller pairs of eyes on the front of his face. He has a big mouth and his internal organs are visible, due to a translucent membrane protecting it. He has one horn on each side of his head and wears a black and white protection on his forehead, where the Omnitrix symbol is located. On the inside of his belly, the symbiotic organism can be seen. He is an orange, centipede-like alien with two pink eyes.

Powers and Abilities

Although the main body is rather useless, the symbiotic alien is able to show the near future by circling his stomach, which is the bigger organ. He can also come out of the mouth to point and show, but he can't ever leave completely, otherwise he will die. The membrane is also very thick, in order to protect the frail organs. He has a very wide field of view.


Foreseer is not fast or strong. If the parasite is separated, he will die, rendering the alien useless.




  • Foreseer was lightly inspired by the 5YL alien Hack N' Slash.
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